“Drink Alkaline Water Save your life”



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Alkaline Water / Minerals

Reverses Acidity

Helps Normalize pH




Got Power?

·         Change the water save your life

·         Alkaline Water

·         Oxygenize Your Body

·         Over Hundred Minerals

·         Anti-Oxidant Properties

·         Destroys free radicals

·         Controls body weight

·         Helps balance your Ph

·         Kills Bacteria In Water

·         Feel The Extra Power

·         Energy last all day

·         No sugar crash  

·         No Caffeine jitters

·         All Natural Power Drink

·         Ceramic Filter Last 500 Gallons

·         7¢ Per Power Drink



*Power Pitcher*



Plus S&H & Sales tax 

500 gallons before alkaline filter change

Contact Art Flores to make a purchase 210-314-6151








1.       Alkaline/Antioxidant Power Pitcher The Power Pitcher- when filtered or bottled water is added to this incredible system it revitalizes the water by adding valuable minerals that have been lost during the much needed purification process. This process is a completely natural filtration system that creates Alkaline / Antioxidant water to help you maintain youthfulness and health. Our secret is our patented process that utilizes hydrogen, activated ceramics, and a State of the Art System that naturally removes the oxygen free radicals and re-energizes your water. It is all housed inside a medical grade plastic portable pitcher that helps prevent the formation of bacteria. The filters in the Power Pitcher need to be cleaned regularly with a solution of 30% vinegar and 70% water.

2.    To reactive Power Pitcher emerge filter in water and vinegar  solution 70% water 30% vinegar agitate water for 5 min's and leave filter soaking for 5 minutes.(Both Filters Top and Bottom)  Rinse filters with fresh water several times.

3.   Do not take your medications with Power Stix Water. Use plain bottle water.





Answers You Should Know


1.   How much water should I drink?

You can drink up to half your body weight in ounces.

Check with your doctor first.


2.    How old should I be before starting to drink alkaline water?

You can use alkaline water in infants fomular


3.   Can cancer patients drink alkaline water? water.

Yes they can, but more likely they will not be able to accept the water because cancer patients are very acidic.  They can start with small amounts or even wet their lips with the water until their bodies start to reverse their acidic condition.


4.   Can older and sickly persons drink alkaline water? water.

Yes they can, just start them out slowly until they get accustom to the water.


5.    Can I drink alkaline water with my meals??.

Drink alkaline water ½ hour before meals and 1 hour after meals.   


6.   "I love to snack & drink sodas at night while watching TV before I go to bed"

Drink alkaline water instead, your snacking and sugar cravings will go away.


7.   Can I lose weight drinking alkaline water?

Most people do, but you must be consistent and drink the water everyday.  Try 20 minutes of speed walking everyday and a diet of fruits, nuts and vegetables will help you immensely in losing weight.


8.   Will I feel queasy when I first drink alkaline water?

You might, but its temporary effect from the antioxidant in the water.  If you get queasy, mix ½ alkaline water with ½  with plain bottle water until you get used to the water or until your body toxins are flushed out of your body.  This should not take more that 3 to 5 days to accomplish. 


9.   Can I take my medications with the alkaline water? water.

No, Drink plain bottle water with your medications.

Alkaline water is micronizes the water molecule and taking medicines with alkaline water can increase the potency of your medication.

Do not drink your medications with alkaline Water







Affordable Alkaline / Mineral Water


The Power Pitcher has the ability to change your life.


Talk about a boost in energy and a constant improvement in your health.  Life couldn’t be better after you have been drinking alkaline water.Alkaline water carries extra oxygen to each and every cell in your body. 


Over hundred minerals essential to life it self.  Vitamins without minerals in your body are useless.  Your body can produce every vitamin you need except for vitamin C. 


Dream Tree Family alkaline water makes sure you have all the necessary minerals you need everyday making your immune system stronger as you continue building up your bodies ability to combat viruses, bacteria, etc.


Alkaline water has Antioxidant properties (destroy free radicals), your body is 75% water change the water in your body start to go back to your old self, back to feeling normal and plenty of energy.


Alkaline water helps you keep your normal Ph balance at 7.3 Ph. 

(Free radicals are acidic cells that are dying, these dying cell cause early aging)


The Power Pitcher has many uses and is portable so you can take it with you everywhere you go.


If you put alkaline water in a spray bottle you can even use it clean counters, tables etc. Alkaline water has the ability to eliminate bacteria.  You never know how long the bottle water has been setting in the store shelf or if it’s been in the sun with the effects of contamination from the plastic bleaching into the water.


Bottle water is a perfect place to grow bacteria or draw any contaminates to it because it’s clean water.


Bottle water has been strip of the bad and the good that the water started out with, basically it’s dead water and it ‘s perfect for the Power Pitcher  


makes alkaline water that has the ability to turn dead Bottle water into super healthy alkaline water for you and your family. 


The best part is that you are drinking the best healthy water possible.




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