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Gas Impulzer Valued $100


Limited Time Offer While Supplies Last

We Will Post The Expiration Date When This Offer Starts To Expire

This Offer Is Limited To One Free Gas Impulzer Per Family





Impulzer saves gas

Reduces carbon American / Foreign cars.

Available in:

4,5,6,8 & 10 Cylinders $100






·         Saves Gasoline

·         Reduces Carbon

·         Extends Engine life

·         Keeps oil clean from carbon deposits that fall from combustion chamber into oil pan

·         Keep Exhaust system clean

·         Fits distributor wire system

·         Fits Coil on Plug system.

·         Last life of your vehicle



We have sold thousands of Gas Impulzers at over $200+ ea. during the gas crunch when gas prices were soaring at $4 a gallon.  Take advantage of this product while you can get it for free it will make you very happy,  All I ask if it helps you save gas & cleans your engine please tell your friends .



Installation instructions will come with the product and we will make available a short video on how to install.




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Gas Impulzer is a durable well made in the USA product. This product just keeps on saving you cash month after month.


As gas prices keep going up & up maybe even $5 a gallon your Gas Impulzer will become more valuable because your cash savings will increase.


After you complete your 

purchase pleasefill out infomation form to your left to receive your free Gas Impuzler.


We will need your address to send your free Gas Impulzer there is a Shipping & Packaging cost of $12.95 in the USA, other countries shipping cost is $40





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