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  • Alkaline Water Pitcher


Alkaline Water Pitcher
Enjoy alkaline water on the go with this affordable pitcher. Just pour clean (purified or distilled) water into the pitcher and after passing through the mineralized ceramic beads, you have alkaline water, naturally.


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  • Alkaline Water Pitcher Stalk & Cup filters


Alkaline Water Pitcher filters
Replacement filters for Alkaline Water Pitcher.


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  • Ion Alkaline Stick


Ion Alkaline Stick
Drop an Ion Alkaline Stick into a bottle of clean (purified or distilled) water, shake vigorously for 30 seconds, let stand for 5 mintues, and you've got alkaline, antioxidant drinking water anywhere!


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  • Sediment Filter 10"x2.5"


Poly Sediment Filter 10"x2.5"
Sediment filter for RO Alka Plus system.
Expected life 3 months.


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Carbon Block Filter
Carbon Block filter #3 10"x2.5"
For RO Alka Plus system.
Expected life 6 months.


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  • Alkaline Filter


Alkaline Filter (pH to 10.5pH -200 ORP+
Alkaline filter for RO Alka Plus System 12"x2.5".
Expected life 6 months.


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  • Polish Filter


Polish Filter
Polishing carbon filter 8"x2"
For RO Alka Plus System.
Expected life 6 months.


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  • RO Membrane


RO Membrane
Reverse Osmosis Membrane for RO Alka Plus systems.
Expected life 2 years.


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  • RO Pressure Tank


RO Pressure Tank
Holds 3.5 gallons with an expected life of 2 years


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  • Hand Held Ion Shower w/ Hose)


Hand Held Shower (W/ Hose)
Enjoy a chlorine-free, antibacterial, negative-ion producing, hydrating, shower. It's like having a spa in your own home!


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